A course that keeps teenagers engaged and wanting more.

Own It! is unlike any course your teenager has ever taken. They will learn concepts they haven’t learned anywhere else in a fun and intriguing way. Own It! teaches them to think about things in a way they never have before, engaging them in interactive activities as they progress through the course. But don’t take our word for it. Click on the video and see for yourself.

Live Comments From Actual Students

For many of us and our teenagers, it can feel like life is just
happening to us, that we have little or no control over our situation,
and we are at the mercy of the circumstances around us.
Own It! will show you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Mario G.

My goals are non-destroyable.

Vanessa G.

If you don’t give up, you can never fail.

Jacquelyn L.

This course was able to open up my mind more on the way …

Avilynn O.

I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to and I can be a more positive person.

Mikaela C.

The only way to be successful is to own who you are, mistakes and all.

Ethan Y.

It truly is a great experience to learn a lot about myself in this course.


2015 Edtech Awards

Mesa, Arizona, May 7, 2015 - Grand Key Education (GKE) announced today that the company and its student training program, Own it!,™ were named as finalists in two separate EdTech Digest Awards.


2021 EDTECH Award

Own it! Youth Empowerment Program – ‘Best SEL Tool’

1 We are parents

We have raised our share of teenagers. We know firsthand the challenges they face as they grow and establish their own identities. We want every teen to have all the tools they need to really succeed.

2 We are educators

The powerful concepts Own It! teaches can change lives. But, as lifelong educators we know that the delivery matters just as much as the information so we created a course with real impact.

3 It’s a team effort

We want to join parents, educators, counselors, therapists, physicians and clergy in their important work of helping young people see and reach their highest potential.

4 The time is now

Before you know it, our children are grown and out of the house. Right now is the crucial time to give them the mental and emotional strategies to meet and overcome any challenge.

Why We Created

5 We all have emotions

While we all have emotions, few of us are taught how to truly feel, own, and manage them. These important skills allow youth to better handle their fear, anxiety, and uncertainty and develop empathy for others.

6 Empowerment wins

From bullying to social media pressure, from addiction to dropping out and even suicide, our youth face enormous challenges. The tools of empowerment offer teens a way to overcome the obstacles they meet.

7 Life is a roller coaster

Own It! teaches youth that they can create any result they want in their lives by changing and managing their thoughts. No one knows what life will bring, but armed with this truth they are ready for anything!

8 Build confidence

We believe in our youth and their capacity to do hard things in incredible ways. They need to know it too. As they build confidence to solve problems and accomplish their dreams, there is no limit to what they can do.

Here’s why they love using Own it!

James Simpson

"Improved mental & Emotional Health"

Two essential needs for a teen to develop into a healthy and thriving adult is learning how to foster empowering thought patterns and develop healthy emotional intelligence. Own it! is a program that provides teens and their parents the necessary tools in a fun and engaging way. When teens and parents use this powerful tool mental and emotional health will be improved.”

James Simpson, MSPC, LAC

Joel Nielson Endorsement

"Help us developing healthy young adults"

Are your clients learning what they need to? Are they picking up and applying what you’re teaching? Is your effort informed, structured, engaging, and fun? Own It! is a valuable additional approach for developing healthy, strong value-driven young adults. I wish I had had it as a teen. As a professional counselor and father who has personally been through the program, I encourage you to consider adding it to your practice. A big thank you to the Own It! team. It's a great resource."

- Joel Nielson, LPC, NCC - ValleySummit.org

Kelle Stephens, President, Dixie Applied Technical College

"Own It! - fantastic life changing program"


At the DXATC we are imbedding "Own It" into all of our certificate programs. It is fantastic life changing content! Each graduate that we send out into the workforce can go out realizing that they can choose to be an owner rather than a victim. The notion of choice between victim or owner is having an equally positive impact on each member of our faculty and staff as well.

- Kelle Stephens, President, Dixie Applied Technical College

Meet the Own It! Creators

Dennis Deaton, DMD Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Dennis Deaton has been teaching the power of managing our minds to corporate America for over thirty years. Recognizing the compelling need for youth to learn and apply these same life-changing principles, he created and developed Own It! Dr. Deaton’s desire is to help young people take ownership of their own lives by making the vital connection between their thoughts and the results in their lives.

Dana Van Deinse, M.ED Co-founder, President

Dana Van Deinse has been teaching youth for more than twenty years. As a school administrator, teacher, board member and the parent of three young adults, she is passionate about providing personalized education options for children. Dana co-created Own it! to help young people gain the confidence and skills to create the life they dream about.