Own it is a life-changing course for youth

Our online course provides parents and teens with real answers to real problems.

You love your child. You can see their potential. You want the best for them.

But how do you help them catch the vision of who they are and what they can become?

How do you teach them how to take control of their own lives instead of just waiting for life to happen to them?

How do you help them make the connection between who they are today and who they want to become?

Own It's online course will give
you and your teen all the tools
you need.

Own It! is an award-winning online course with 10 interactive training modules that will increase your child’s...






Leadership Skills


Emotional Intelligence





...so that they can create the life they want. In this powerful course your teenager will learn that they are the number one factor in everything that happens to them. They will be empowered to take responsibility and accountability for the outcomes, happiness, and results in their lives. There is no greater gift you can give them.

Here’s the Reasons Why We
Created Own It!

The principles we teach of taking responsibility for the results in our lives by managing our thoughts and processing our emotions, are valuable at any age, but their impact can be especially powerful on the cusp of adulthood when we are just starting to create the plans and patterns for our life.

As parents, we know that these principles are not generally taught in the classroom. Most people are never exposed to them. And yet they are the most important skills and the most essential knowledge our youth can have.

We created Own It! to give teenagers and young adults access to these powerful concepts so that they can put them to work now and create the lives they want today and in the future.

The Own it! Curriculum

This 10-module course gives teens instruction and skills practice in two critical areas:


Mind Management

  • Mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Connection between thoughts and outcomes
  • Taking ownership and accountability
  • Recognizing and resetting presets
  • Overcoming negative self-talk, mental barriers, and victim thinking
  • Improving thought processes
  • Using visioneering to achieve lofty goals
  • Developing persistence and mental resilience

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional health and self-awareness
  • Recognizing and processing emotions
  • Managing emotions through thought control
  • Making connection and sharing feelings
  • Expressing emotional needs
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty
  • Showing empathy
  • Gaining and giving emotional support

A Fun Way to Teach Life-Changing Concepts

Each of the modules are presented in a clear, fun, engaging way. Using humor, videos, and highly interactive
lessons, we identify the power in true self-awareness and how to channel it to positively impact the way a teen
thinks and processes emotion.

The concepts and techniques taught in Own It! are not part of a traditional school curriculum and as you know,
are not widely understood, but they have the unlimited potential to shape and change a young person’s whole life
and allow them to create the future they want.

Powerful Insights for Parents

Own It! is not just an exceptional empowerment course for youth. It is a way for you, as a parent to understand your child on a deeper level and gain insights into their inner lives.

As part of the program, each student receives an in-depth personal profile that will give you valuable understanding into how they think, how they learn, and how they process the world around them.

Your student’s personal profile will identify their:


Strengths and abilities

Identify your child’s areas of strength in academics, recreation and creative expression.

Goals, interests, and ambitions

Analyzes your child’s interests to identify possible career paths and choices.

Socio-emotional skills

Evaluates how your teen values connection, communication and personal interaction.

Personality traits

Assesses your teen’s tendencies toward extroverted or introverted personality traits.

Learning Styles and
Study Habits

Discover what teaching methods and study environments help your child learn best.

Future plans and dreams

Understand your child’s vision for their future and all the things they want it to include.

The profile will also assess your child’s strengths and abilities in the following areas:

Flexibility and

Assess how your child solve problems, manage disappointment, and uses their creativity.

Initiative and

Understand how your teen budgets your time, sets goals, and works towards accomplishment.

Leadership and

Evaluate your teen’s ability to take charge, participate in a group, and eliminate blame or excuses.

Own It! opens the door for meaningful—virtually priceless—conversations.

All parents want to communicate better with their teens and find ways to really open up to each other. The challenge is how to level the field so you don’t appear to be talking down to your teen, judging or dishing out advice. One way to set the stage for genuine dialogue is to adopt a co-learner posture. How do you do that?

We strongly recommended you take the Own It! course and obtain your personal profile at the same time your teens take the course and get theirs. Picture yourselves sitting down together to share and discuss the similarities and differences in your respective profiles. Each module could be the basis for a priceless discussion about how each of you answered the reflection questions and preference quizzes.

That’s ten extremely valuable conversations! Envision a bit of chuckling and good-natured ribbing of one another and, most importantly, think about the meaningful dialogue about how you both could do a better job of applying the concepts in the modules.

Think it’s too idealistic? Hardly. It happens all the time.

It’s not unusual for us to receive emails like this: “It worked! I honestly had one of the most enjoyable, meaningful, talks ever with my son the other night about Own It. We chatted for over an hour, something we hadn’t done in a long time. I went to bed that night feeling like I’d just received something close to a miracle.”

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Here’s why they love Own It!

James Simpson

"Improved mental & Emotional Health"

Two essential needs for a teen to develop into a healthy and thriving adult is learning how to foster empowering thought patterns and develop healthy emotional intelligence. Own it! is a program that provides teens and their parents the necessary tools in a fun and engaging way. When teens and parents use this powerful tool mental and emotional health will be improved.”

James Simpson, MSPC, LAC

Joel Nielson Endorsement

"Help us developing healthy young adults"

Are your clients learning what they need to? Are they picking up and applying what you’re teaching? Is your effort informed, structured, engaging, and fun? Own It! is a valuable additional approach for developing healthy, strong value-driven young adults. I wish I had had it as a teen. As a professional counselor and father who has personally been through the program, I encourage you to consider adding it to your practice. A big thank you to the Own It! team. It's a great resource."

- Joel Nielson, LPC, NCC - ValleySummit.org

Kelle Stephens, President, Dixie Applied Technical College

"Own It! - fantastic life changing program"


At the DXATC we are imbedding "Own It" into all of our certificate programs. It is fantastic life changing content! Each graduate that we send out into the workforce can go out realizing that they can choose to be an owner rather than a victim. The notion of choice between victim or owner is having an equally positive impact on each member of our faculty and staff as well.

- Kelle Stephens, President, Dixie Applied Technical College