Additional Resources for Own it Clients

In addition to the Own It! online course, we offer additional resources and services to assist
in continuing personal development.

Now is the Time !

As corporate trainers in mind management and goal achievement, we have heard over and over again,
“I only wish I would have known this when I was younger. It would have made a huge difference!”
We couldn’t agree more!

The principles we teach of taking responsibility for the results in our lives, by managing our thoughts and
processing our emotions, are valuable at any age, but their impact can be especially powerful on the
cusp of adulthood when we are just starting to create the plans and patterns for our life.

As parents, we know that these principles are not generally taught in the classroom. Most people are
never exposed to them. And yet they are the most important skills and the most essential knowledge
our youth can have.

We created Own It! to give teenagers and young adults access to these powerful concepts so that they
can put them to work now and create the lives they want today and in the future.

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    Teen Coaching

    For those who want an even more personal, in-depth experience with the principles we teach in Own It!, we offer individual coaching sessions. Own it! coaching allows a personalized approach to give specific support and resources to each client to help them make progress on their goals. As we work one-on-one, addressing specific challenges and making the invaluable connection between your thoughts and your results, it takes the power of mind management work to a whole new level. Clients can sign up for both single and multiple session options.


    The Grand Key Education team provides consulting services. We assist organizations with creating online educational solutions, developing youth mentoring and coaching programs, and assisting in developing other resources and programs that support your students or staff.

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        Professional Development

        The Grand Key Education professionals work with your team to customize a training program to help you meet organizational goals. Whether its engaging youth, creating educational solutions, or improving outcomes, we work with you to design a program that meets the needs of your organization, people and skills. Professional development can be delivered in person, virtually, or a combination of both.

        Own It’s Therapist and Counselor Network

        Grand Key Education partners with some of the country’s very best therapists and counselors. These recommended mental health professionals understand the importance of taking ownership of our thoughts and emotions and the difference it can make in the lives of youth and their families.

        If you are looking for personal, follow-up support, these licensed therapists have the tools and experience to help.


        Other Resources

        For clients and families who want to dig deeper into the principles taught in Own It!, here is a list of books, videos and other resources which can enhance your understanding.

        10 Reasons Why We Created
        Own It!

        In this powerful course your teenager will learn that they are the number
        one factor in everything that happens to them. They will be empowered
        to take responsibility and accountability for the outcomes, happiness, and
        results in their lives.

        There is no greater gift you can give them.



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        The Team Behind Own It!

        Dennis R. Deaton

        Co-Founder, SEO

        Dr. Dennis Deaton has been teaching the power of managing our minds to corporate America for over thirty years. Recognizing the compelling need for youth to learn and apply these same life-changing principles, he created and developed Own It! Dr. Deaton’s desire is to help young people take ownership of their own lives by making the vital connection between their thoughts and the results in their lives.

        Dana Van Deinse


        Dana Van Deinse has been teaching youth for more than twenty years. As a school administrator, teacher, board member and the parent of three young adults, she is passionate about providing personalized education options for children. Dana co-created Own it! to help young people gain the confidence and skills to create the life they dream about.