Own It was Built Especially for You(th)

Got problems?
Got stress? Got issues?

The bad news is that may never change. Life is always full of challenges. Here’s the good news: You are the answer to all of it!

Bored? Stuck?
Going through the motions?

The bad news is that most people live their whole lives like this.
They’ve given up and settled.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to!

Have dreams?
Have a vision for your life?

Have no idea how to get there?
The good news is that anything is possible.

Here’s more good news: You have everything inside you to make it happen!

For anyone who’s ever wanted more—more for their lives, more from themselves—Own It! has answers.

Own It! is the online course that will give you the tools to get more of
what you want.

Real Students – Real Successes

“Own it! taught me what 12 years of school had not—to succeed on my own terms.”

- Raven E., grade 12

“I sat down with my coach, my Own it! Profile, and my transcript, and created a plan for early graduation.”

- Jon, recent high school graduate

“I would like to say thank you. I truly have learned a lot from this course and each different unit has taught me something different. I am more confident with myself and accomplishing my goals. I cannot wait to use all the knowledge I have gotten from this course in the real world. It is hard to put all I want to say into one sentence.”

- Jocelyn F., Grade 11

“All of the things that we as people fear, it’s all in our heads. We all have the ability to control what we do and don't have to let fear win.”

- Jose R., Grade 9

“I learned that life is about pushing through struggles and hardships and never stopping to persevere to your highest possibilities.”

- Amir M., Grade 10

“I am likely to encounter tons of stress and doubt, but I will stay on the bright side and keep reminding myself how the future will be if I own it and keep at it. I can always hope for the best.”

- Maria G., Grade 10

“I used Own It! this week. My entire dance team was confused on instructions that the instructor had given us. She is known to be mean and very strict, so nobody wanted to ask for help.Knowing that it was better to do our dance right than wrong, I stepped up and asked the teacher for help, showing that I was interested and cared about her teaching time.”

- Madelyn S., Grade 11

“I did not think I would be able to go to my job interview because I was afraid of talking in front of others. It was a group interview, and I was much younger than everyone else. I almost decided against going, but I talked myself into being confident and calm. I rehearsed several times possible interview questions, so I would go into the interview more confident. By the time the interview came, I was the most talkative out of the whole group, and was offered the job.”

- Michael B., Grade 9

"I learned that not only people who are normal functioning can achieve their goals, but people with Autism can achieve their goals as well and if you have a goal set in mind, do not ever give up."

- Rebecca M., Grade 10

Opt Out of the Ordinary

Own It! is a 10-part, online course that will change the way you see yourself, your life,
and your ability to create your future exactly the way you want.

Do you want to know the difference between people who are living an amazing life they
designed and people who just accept the dreary default of averageness?

Those who create what they want have figured out how to use their mind to power every
action in their life. When you invest in your most powerful resource—your own mind—it will
pay you back over and over again.

Comments From Own it! Graduates

Mario G.

My goals are non-destroyable.

Vanessa G.

If you don’t give up, you can never fail.

Jacquelyn L.

This course was able to open up my mind more on the way …

Avilynn O.

I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to and I can be a more positive person.

Mikaela C.

The only way to be successful is to own who you are, mistakes and all.

Ethan Y.

It truly is a great experience to learn a lot about myself in this course.


Stop waiting and start creating!

It might be hard to believe, but you are the number one factor in creating the future you want! Everyone who is living their dream life has figured this out. Regardless of your circumstances, you have everything you need inside you to get exactly what you want. Own It! will teach you how to harness the power of your thoughts to create incredible outcomes in your life!

Used by 60,000 youth


Private &


Track Your


Self-paced and

Used by Over

Used by Over
60,000 Youth

Own It! Helps You Design the
Future of Your Dreams

Own It! teaches you how to access real power to get the results you want. Find the answer to every problem, get the happiness you want right now, and reach any goal you dream of achieving with the tools we give you in this powerful course.

As part of the course you will also receive a personal profile that will identify your strengths, interests, study habits and patterns, personality traits, possible careers, and areas of talent and aptitude. This profile will be an incredible resource as you design and create your future.

Your personal profile will identify your:


Strengths and abilities

Identifies the areas of strength in academics, recreation and creative expression.

Goals, interests, and ambitions

Analyzes your interests to identify possible career paths and choices.

Socio-emotional skills

Evaluates how you value connection, communication and personal interaction.

Personality traits

Assesses your tendencies toward extroverted or introverted personality traits.

Learning Styles and
Study Habits

Discover what teaching methods and study environments help you learn best.

Future plans and dreams

See your vision for your future life
and all the things you want it to include.

The profile will also assess your strengths and abilities in the following areas:

Flexibility and

Assess how you solve problems, manage disappointment, and use your creativity.

Initiative and

Understand how you budget your time, set goals, and work towards accomplishment.

Leadership and

Evaluate your client’s ability to take charge, participate in a group, and avoid blame or excuses.