The Need for Growth

I am sure you have seen some of the recent news coverage on the 50-year anniversary of the first moon landing.  

The entire Apollo 11 endeavor is astounding when you think about it.  For one, I have read in several sources about the fact that the computers that Aldrin and Armstrong used to make it to the surface of the moon were less complex than a basic calculator.

In fact, according to Computer Weekly, the astronauts typed their commands using verb-noun instructions: the  verb specified the action and the noun specified the instrument, like “aim telescope.”  To perform these kinds of operations the Apollo mission computer required 64 kilobytes of memory.  Meaning that an ordinary USB memory stick today is more powerful than the Apollo Guidance Computer that went on the mission to the moon.

When you really think about the logistics, the technology, and the dangers involved in the mission, it seems overwhelmingly impossible.  One article I read even noted the speech that President Nixon had prepared in case the mission failed and the astronauts never made it home.

Given the enormity of the task and the incredible risks of the mission, I have thought a lot about why they would go at all.  Why even have the idea in the first place?  Why even try?  

The answer to that, I think, is the key to understanding ourselves and our needs as human beings. The answer to that is the key to creating a fulfilling life for us and our kids.

Human beings need to grow. They need to progress and contribute and question and try.  I believe we each have an inherent need to expand our abilities, our capacities, our strengths, and our impact in the world.  We don’t like staying still.  We don’t like to be stagnant.  We aren’t content with the way things are.  As Neil Armstrong so aptly said fifty years ago, “I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of human beings to face challenges.”

This isn’t about being discontent with our lives or our circumstances.  This is about pushing ourselves just outside of our own comfort zones and doing things we did not know we were fully capable of.  This stretch is what makes life fulfilling and brings us joy.

It is no different for the youth and teens in our lives.  Every person, no matter their age, longs for growth and progress.  I find that many teens only become discouraged and resentful because they haven’t been able to find the challenge and the satisfaction of accomplishment that fulfills this basic human need.  Instead, they live in world that doesn’t expect much from them, they study in a school system that doesn’t require much from them, and they have a vision of future that doesn’t excite or inspire them with possibility.

This is why we believe so strongly in Own It!,our online empowerment course for teens. When a young person can catch the vision that whatever they want is possible, no matter how unfathomable it may seem at first glance, they start to get excited about their lives, their future, and their own ability to contribute and make a difference.

The skills that teens learn in Own It! will serve them throughout their lives.  They are the meta skills that can be applied in any situation, in any job, in any relationship, in any problem they encounter. 

For example, several of the modules focus on emotional responsibility.  While we all have emotions, very few of us are ever taught how to truly feel, own, and manage them. Mostly we are taught early on to ignore or suppress our emotions.  As a result, our teens face more incidents of depression and anxiety than any other generation before.  

What Aldrin and Armstrong knew fifty years ago was that their mission to the moon involved a lot of fear.  But they chose to feel those feelings, be acquainted with fear, and move forward toward their goal anyway. 

Imagine how valuable this same ability will be for your teen.  When they understand the power of the mind/body connection and how our thoughts create our feelings as a way to ensure our survival, they will also understand how to feel their feelings and allow them, without letting them keep them from pursuing their goals or achieving what they want.  

These important emotional skills will allow your youth to better handle their fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in any area of their life.  What could be more valuable?  

We know you want the very best for you teenager.  They are your whole world; you want them to have the moon and reach for the stars.  Our online courseis the way to ensure they have every mental and emotional skill that they need to dream their dreams and then create the life they want.  

Sign them up today and there’s no telling where they’ll end up!

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