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An Open Letter to Professional
Counselors and Therapists

As a counselor or therapist, you are there to guide parents, teens, and families through life’s most difficult challenges. Your important work is heavily dependent on helping your clients gain awareness of damaging or ineffective thought patterns they aren’t aware of.

Own It! can be an invaluable partnering resource within your own work, allowing you to achieve faster results by creating a framework of understanding that promotes personal behavior accountability and emotional responsibility.

The Own it! Curriculum

Own It! is a powerful resource to help your young clients understand the connection between their
thoughts and their current results. In this 10-module course, we help
teens gain awareness of their thoughts, teach them how to process their emotions and take
responsibility for them, improve their communication and connection,
and develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.

This 10-module course gives teens instruction and skills practice in two critical areas:


Mind Management

  • Mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Connection between thoughts and outcomes
  • Taking ownership and accountability
  • Recognizing and resetting presets
  • Overcoming negative self-talk, mental barriers, and victim thinking
  • Improving thought processes
  • Using visioneering to achieve lofty goals
  • Developing persistence and mental resilience

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional health and self-awareness
  • Recognizing and processing emotions
  • Managing emotions through thought control
  • Making connection and sharing feelings
  • Expressing emotional needs
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty
  • Showing empathy
  • Gaining and giving emotional support

As a counselor or therapist, you will immediately understand the nuances in this video clip.

How many times have you seen these thought patterns play out in the lives of your clients?

Imagine how empowering and helpful it would be for your clients to see how these concepts impact our outcomes.

A Fun Way to Teach Life-Changing Concepts

Each of the modules are presented in a clear, fun, engaging way. Using humor, videos, and highly interactive lessons,
they teach teens the power in true self-awareness and how they can channel it to positively impact
how they think and how they process emotion.

The concepts and techniques taught in Own It! are not part of a traditional school curriculum and are not widely
understood, but they have the unlimited potential to shape and change a young person’s whole
life and allow them to create the future they want.

- OR -

A Poweful Tool for
Counselors and Therapists

Own It! is not just an exceptional empowerment course for youth. Own It! offers a way for you, as their counselor, to gain additional insights into the inner lives of your teenage clients and help them understand themselves better—how they learn and process information, their personal socio-emotional skill set, and how to use their strengths and abilities to solve problems.

As part of the program, each student receives an in-depth personal profile that will give you valuable understanding into how they think, how they learn, and how they process the world around them.

Each student’s personal profile will identify their:


Strengths and abilities

Identifies your client’s areas of strength in academics, recreation, and expression.

Goals, interests, and ambitions

Helps your client pinpoint interests and potential career paths.

Socio-emotional skills

Evaluates how your client values connection, communication and interaction.

Personality traits

Assesses a client’s tendency toward an introvert or extrovert personality traits.

Learning Styles and
Study Habits

What teaching methods and study environments help your client learn best.

Future plans and dreams

Your client’s vision for their future life and what they want it to include.

The profile will also assess your client’s strengths and abilities in the following areas:

Flexibility and

Assess how your client solves problems, manages disappointment and uses their creativity.

Initiative and

Understand how your client budgets their time, sets goals and accomplishes their work.

Leadership and

Evaluate your client’s ability to take charge, participate in a group, and avoid blame or excuses.


The personal profile is a highly-specific, tangible tool that will show you what your young clients excel at and allow you to know more about their views, opinions, and interests.

The profile also gives you additional talking points for creating greater rapport and comfortable conversation. Their answers to the Reflection Questions in the profile can be especially valuable in helping you customize your counseling and teaching.

The personal profile can be an incredibly significant resource when counseling families. Experience has shown that families who complete the personal profile together can better understand each other.

They learn one another’s communication styles, interests, values, motivations, emotional responses and strengths of each member, creating more empathy and acceptance and improving family relationships.


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Licensed Therapists
Partner with Own It!

This course is a game-changer in the practical application of the psychological concepts and principles you use to help your clients. Own It! can accelerate your essential work and give your young clients and their families another resource to create the changes they want in their lives.

Own It! can be a practice builder! For licensed counselors and therapists, Grand Key Education offers an affiliate partnership that allows your clients to get a discounted fee for the course. Being an affiliate also allows you to track your client’s enrollment and progress, view their profile, and build upon the concepts your clients are learning and practicing in the course.

For more information about how to integrate an affiliate partnership into your practice click the link below.


Advisory Board

Dr. Monica Henson, EdD EdD

Dr. Monica Henson, EdD, has an extensive background in executive public school leadership. She is an expert in developing programs that provide students with the resources needed to succeed in their education. As an early adopter of Own it!, Dr. Henson recognized the importance of developing a growth mindset and an ownership spirit in students to help them become more confident in facing the challenges that come their way. In partnership with Own it!, her students demonstrated grit and overcame many difficult situations to earn a high school diploma. Dr. Henson currently serves as Executive Principal Consultant for the Greater Atlanta Charter Consultants, LLC.

Roger K. Allen

Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.-author, consultant, coach, teacher--founder of Human Development Institute (1981) and Co-Founder of Center for Organizational Design (1992). Expert in personal development and family relations, leadership and teams. Dr. Allen has led hundreds of workshops and seminars and certified over 1200 coaches consultants around the world to use his methods.

Sandy Gilbert M.Ed

Sandy Gilbert is an Exceptional Education high school teacher and a college adjunct psychology instructor. Her work is focused on students who often have specific behavior concerns impeding academic success. Ms. Gilbert received her BA in Sociology from the University of Arizona, M. ED from the University of Phoenix and a MS/Psychology degree from Walden University. Ms. Gilbert has a teaching license for the states of Arizona and North Carolina.

Kelle Stephens

Kelle Stephens is the President of Dixie Technical College where “Own It” is standard curriculum for many certificate programs. She holds a BS from Brigham Young University and a MSS in Economics with an emphasis in Human Resource Administration from Utah State University. She’s been involved in workforce training and development since 1992.

Here’s why they love using Own it!

Shelley Bogus

"Helped the youth to overcome their thoughts"


Far too often, we find that our youth have the cognitive and physical tools to be successful with their education, employment and independent living, however other barriers precluding their success. Many have experienced past trauma and have witnessed years of abuses and poor social emotional regulation. Their thinking patterns are frequently counterproductive and present them with overwhelming obstacles. We work intentionally with these youth to overcome the thoughts in their own minds, but our thoughts can be the most difficult enemy to concur.

Shelley Bogus, Youth and Family Program Director



Joel Nielson Endorsement

"Help us developing healthy young adults"

Are your clients learning what they need to? Are they picking up and applying what you’re teaching? Is your effort informed, structured, engaging, and fun? Own It! is a valuable additional approach for developing healthy, strong value-driven young adults. I wish I had had it as a teen. As a professional counselor and father who has personally been through the program, I encourage you to consider adding it to your practice. A big thank you to the Own It! team. It's a great resource."

- Joel Nielson, LPC, NCC - ValleySummit.org